About Us

Da NPC Store is Owned and run by a NPC that is passionate about providing the most exclusive products, gadgets, digitals and a wide range of consumer material to it's Customers & Audience that is surely going to keep you entertained.

The Owner realizes that he's just another NPC in this world but what makes him stand out from the other NPC's is that he's developed a consciousness and can think freely for himself. In time and with the right resources he may become the main character.

Grab yourself a cup of Tea or Coffee or whatever NPC trending drink you want and make yourself comfortable by shopping around Da NPC Store or viewing our content on our socials.

Don't be a NPC. Feel free to use your brain and look around the internet, don't just shop here, you might, just might, find something cheaper elsewhere, but we prefer you support Da NPC Store!


- Courtesy of Da NPC Store.